Sunday, January 13, 2013


Strange, everything's in place.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rush Hour on City Bus

Could it get any worse?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cigar Humidors

Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco... The list goes on.  Funny how people have cigar humidors for their cigar collection.  And mind you, they don't come in cheap. I'm not all for these stuff because my Dad, as some  you know have lung cancer.  He got it from being a chain smoker for 50 years.  Can you imagine that?  50 long years!!!  Oh well, a lesson for my Dad that he learned the very hard and painful way. So watch out you guys who won't stop smoking.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nursing Aide Job

Do you have friends who went abroad for nursing aide jobs? They said it's better that than staying here and have a miserable life because of financial lack?  Well, I have tons of friends who opted for that. Some were even doctors.  Can you believe that?  I believe with all my heart that when you seek the Lord, He will show you where you should go and what you should do.  That way, you know if you are doing the will of God.  Because for sure if you're not, you won't be blessed at all.

Baby Monitor

My friend is giving birth this December.  She and her hubby are very excited for the arrival of their baby girl.  They bought baby stuff in preparation for their darling angel.  She said she's already complete as far as her list goes, except for one thing --- a baby monitor.  I suggested where to buy baby monitor.  I saw one at Shangri-la mall when I was there two weekends ago.  She's beyond excited.  I can see from the glow on her face.  She's definitely very happy.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Asset Collection

Graphic Tshirts

I saw in Facebook one of my High School classmates was planning to make graphic t shirts for business. He had a lot of ideas and one of them was making the 80's New Wave bands as theme. I love New Wave by the way but I'm not too sure if this would sell. Some say it would because a lot of people love the 80's genre.  And New Wave was such a hit back then.  It's like blast from the past.  Hmm... I would love to have an OMD t shirt!

HCG, for Weight Loss?

Wow, I'm boggled how people can come up with procedures for weight loss.  Have you heard of using HCG for weight loss? HCG, by the way, is a bioidentical hormone related to pregnancy. I first heard of this when my husband and I consulted a doctor years ago.  HCG injections Austin is how some call it because it was at Austin Wellness Clinic where HCG for weight loss was first offered.  And I thought HCG was just for pregos.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crabgrass Killer

Oh I miss my plants. I will have them back next month finally! I hope they're fine and healthy. I hope the gardener in the province put some organic crabgrass killer to get those nasty things off of my plants. Anyway, I wonder how tall my champaca plant is now? I will buy more before the year ends. I love plants. Those are the only ones I can care for and not worry if they die or live. With pets, geez... I can't even get a goldfish to live for months. So plant it is.

Mud Mask

I love spa. You should know that by now. I heart going to the spa very much. Once I tried this mud mask they had in promo and I loved it. It made my skin smoother and pores tighter. Simply amazing! I love how my face felt after the treatment. I wish I could do that very often but as you know, treatment like that doesn't come cheap. It costs quite a bit. But I can have another one before the year ends.


Gone are those days when you put antennas for tv. Now we have a more advanced type which are the flat screen tvs. My gosh, I remember when our tv's reception is so poor that we have to put a fork on top of our tv to serve as a temporary antenna. You see, we were good at improvising back then. We did get a good reception after that and enjoyed sesame street.

Monday, August 15, 2011

ATV What???

What on Earth are ATV winches??? I am clueless as to what these are. Do you use these for cars? Tractors maybe? Surely these are not for TVs, are they? Goodness, why do I get asked for things like these? Do my hands look dirtied up? I don't get it! Do you read? I am clueless!!! Can you ask me about beauty stuff like skin care and make up next time and I'll give you an elaborated answer instead of an alien topic like ATV winches?! Duh!

Video Cables

I don't have any knowledge about S video cables, AV switches, video connectors, etc. When I bought my home theater and LCD TV, I asked my friend to set it up for me. I mean, I only know how to flip on channels but to interconnect the cables and what have you, forget it! I could make an electronic explode with wrong interconnections. I know it's crazy but for me, that's a man's job.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I used to have anxiety attacks. But I never thought it could go really bad that one could be checked in to an anxiety drug treatment centers. Thank God I was able to control that while still at an early stage. I used to take drugs to calm me down. But not to strong that I'd go bonkers. It was actually a cross between that and depression when I lost my baby. Anyway, that was a thing of the past. Now I'm perfectly okay.